Summer Harvest

When I was up in the lakes recently I picked up some leaflets on a couple of garden centres that were new to me and yesterday we decided to have a run out and visit them.Ashton Hall Garden Centre was one and very nice it was too. I was looking with the intention of buying some plants that attract butterflies into the garden and bees too.
The bee in the photo here was taken the other day in our garden on the buddliea but I haven't seen many butterflies around yet. I actually ended up buying some herbs as the bees were all over the flowers on them.
After an afternoon stop down by the canal at Galgate for tea and cakes we headed home to do a few more garden jobs, hedges and weeding and I found a few things ready to be harvested. The peas have been good and an easy crop so I will definitely be growing more of them, then I picked a some herbs and lettuce for a summer salad. Now I wouldn't mind seeing just a bit more summer sun!


  1. Love that photo of the buddlia and your veg looks delicious. Great photos as always. XXX


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