Wild teasels

After the rain this morning it was so nice to see the sun later this afternoon.A little bit of warmth from it's rays soon has the bees out buzzing over the nectar laden plants and at last today, I saw a few butterflies. One ,a lovely Red Admiral landed on a white plastic bag I was taking down to the summerhouse, much to my surprise and later there were two or more Painted ladies on the Buddleja [ yes I spelt it wrong the other day!] a couple of large bees too. Maybe the answer is to put some white plastic bags all over the garden... they might have a use after all!

The teasel is a real insect attraction, every time I look over it there are bugs and bees, it just looks so fascinating and it has a way of collecting water in the large cups that occur on the stem and in this water drown many insects that attempt to ascend the tall stem and their remains are absorbed by the plant as a food. Clever stuff !
The apples on the tree must be liking all the rain as they are much further along than last year at this time. I am looking forward to some nice crumbles later on.
My Goldfish are doing well and at this time of year they come to the surface as soon as I approach the pond ,for their flakes. I tried the pellets but no, they prefer the flakes! I know the pond does not look great with the cover over it but the local heron would soon have a nice fish supper so it has to stay.

Oh the unusual plant is a Pineapple lily!


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