The ones who got away

A Small Tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on a Sedum at Myerscough plant centre yesterday and also there, was a Red Admiral. I have seen a few of these in our garden but much more common to see has been the Peacock butterfly this year. The Tortoiseshell is found in almost all seasons of the year and hibernates in caves , lofts and outbuildings. it can be seen out on the wing from march onwards even in big city parks.

The spider was just about to catch a Bee that had got caught in it's web but maybe I dislodged it as I was about to take the picture , as he luckily flew off and the Spider had to do without lunch. The spiders webs can be easily seen now that dewy mornings are more common, in fact you have to be careful not to walk into one as you venture out in the garden!
I bought some bulbs to plant up a container as you always have a better display if you use fresh stock each year .
On the way back home on the boat it began to rain and by the time we were about to moor up it was lashing down. Just as we got ready to come alongside our mooring , I saw a kingfisher and a swallow sitting together under cover at the side of a swing bridge , clearly they to thought it was just too wet to be out in. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture quick enough as he was spooked by our appearance and flew off but the Swallow can be seen if you look carefully on the shot I did get!


  1. Beautiful photos as always, glad you're enjoying the boat. X


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