October The mellow month!

Well the whole of September passed by without a single blog from me but what with holidays and then returning to normal the days just flew by.
We went to Devon a change from Cornwall and to an area around Dartmouth.
What a lovely part of the country it is and so much there to see and do as we found out. Everyday we were out and about ,so much so that we were tired out upon arriving home.. Ha!

Do you like the witches ? Very much in keeping with the month of Halloween I thought I would show these two. I found then up at the Pendle Heritage centre in Barrowford. Silly really to think that 400 years ago, if you were a single woman living alone with a black cat ,mixing up a few herbs to make healing potions, then you were more than likely to be called a witch with terrible consequences. I for one would not have liked to live then at all.
Well it been blowing a northwesterly all day here.The cats hate it and have been jittery and jumpy. I have just had to practically push Ollie out the front door for 10mins.
I actually like this month though, as usually it's active on the wildlife front . Animals and birds are preparing for winter and you can spot unusual sights, like in my diary off 2003 when on the 4th Oct I spotted a Nuthatch on the roof trying to wedge sunflower seeds under the roof tiles, then he went down to the bird table and did the same again. A secret winter supply!

How we have enjoyed our days out on the canal this year and just before we went on holiday the weather was so lovely we spent yet another lazy afternoon there and the willow tree in the photo just looked so lovely with its colours accentuated by the early autumn sunshine.

I spent a busy day last weekend clearing some borders and then planting some daffodils and Tulips in the hope of a nice Spring display and today got some more, so more work!
If you have any of the lovely Cyclamen that are in the shops right now remember never cut off the dead flowers or leaves but pull the out from the base.


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