Kingfishers, and Sunsets

Well we probably had our last long day out on the boat yesterday as the days are drawing in and as you can see from the photos it was sunset by the time we returned to the marina. The day was so calm and quiet, a case of 'the calm before the storm', as today its been blowing a gale and raining all day.
On the way up to Garstang ,our destination, Peter spotted a flash of blue and we were on the lookout in the same place on the return and I spotted the kingfisher in the reeds waiting for a fish and quickly managed a couple of shots
If you know where to look they are not that hard to find!
I found some other people intent on taking the other kind of shots... poor pheasants probably were their target. We had spotted a few ourselves in the fields on the way and we take pleasure in just seeing them !
So its been a lovely year again out on the canal, full of interest and surprises and we still hope to use the boat through the winter on milder days.


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