Fieldfare and a visit from Jack!

With the ground being so hard after the recent snow and ice I threw down some of the apples I had been storing from our tree since October. That was yesterday and today the fieldfare flew in and spent the day gorging himself on the them. We just about managed a few shots, as he was very shy and the magpies kept bothering him, trying to get to the fruit as well. I wonder is it the same one who came at this time last year?

Jack Frost came too and left us a beautiful vision in ice painting on the gate . I well remember scenes like that from my childhood but then it was on the inside of our bedroom windows at Corton!
It is a very good time for birdwatching , today I saw Goldfinches as well.
Most of our snow has gone but we may not be out of the woods yet as another weather front of snow and low temperatures is on the way.


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