I4 days to go!

Well I have put up the decorations today so this house is now ready for the festive season to get into fullswing. We don't go mad with all the trimmings these days as there are no children around but what we do  have look nice and festive in an arts and crafts kind of way.....  I like finding ornaments like the little brown angels seen here in the picture.
Yesterday and today I made sure to get out for some fresh air and winter sunshine as it has been so lovely to see after all the recent wet weather. A good walk yesterday and today out came the bike.
We are going to go to Haworth this weekend to the Christmas celebrations and I might go around the Bronte Parsonage as it is ages and I just love the atmosphere!
I must go and give the Christmas cake a good glug of brandy again  and will have to get in the ingredients for some mince pies but there is not much Delia Smith stuff going on here ,,, who the heck has time for all that these days!
Lastly I just want to wish my sister [49 today] happy birthday and hope she enjoys her break next week!


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