Feline Friends

Well while I have been here at Wigan  in the role of carer and head cook and bottle washer...as they say I have at least had some visits from my two little furry pals that live close by. Kitty the tabby lives just across the street from mum and we have become good pals as he often pops in for a cuddle and the odd treat. He gets a bit fed up as his owners are out at work, but there are risks involved in venturing here as mum has been known on a couple of occasions to somehow lock him in the garage for a few hours......!
The little black cat was in a bit of a sorry state when she first appeared and I took to giving her handfuls of biscuits whenever she came by thinking that she was a stray. It turned out that she was left behind when her owners moved... how cruel... and luckily for her a lady in a house close by has taken her in now and she is looking lovely. She is the sweetest little thing and runs over to see me as soon as she spots me and we share a stroke and a treat. So it makes up a bit for me missing my 4 at home!

I spotted a few bulbs poking themselves up through the soil but they are such along way off from flowering that how could I resist when I saw this pot of lovely spring scented blooms for sale. It looks a treat on the window sill.
The weather is grey and chilly and very dreary here at the moment and they say it could rain a lot  tomorrow night.
At the moment anywhere with a bit of warm sun is tempting!


  1. Hi Sis! not seen the little black one around - how long had she been homeless, poor little thing!


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