Snowed in boats on the Lancaster Canal

Well  this is the sight we found to greet us down at the marina this morning when we went to check out the boat. Never have we seen it  like this although it has been icy on the cut' before ,just not this  bad!
However it did look glorious in the winter sunshine with the frost and ice twinkling away. Poor old ducks were all confined to one small patch of free water and were waddling ,slipping and sliding over the surface. I expect they are having a hard time at the moment like a lot of things.
Last January we were out on the canal for a trip as it was so mild but I think that it will be somewhile before we can do the same this year.We have a bit of  a turf war going on in the garden at the moment as  two rather large Mistle thrushes have moved in on the apples I was putting out, much to the disgust of my resident Fieldfare , who up until now had them solely to himself. So there has been a lot of charging and chasing going on. Why can't they just share,........ honestly the animal kingdom is as bad as humans!
I was very sad yesterday to find a small ,frozen solid hedgehog on the lawn. I guess he was too small to survive this really cold snap and perished and had then been dragged out by the magpies but  I found him and put paid to that meal.
Little tiny birds like the wrens will be hardest hit if this goes on long so I have been leaving out grated cheese on stones and pots for them as they don't much like bird tables.


  1. Heya,was just wondering if t'was you who came into the shop yesterday - I couldn't be sure, as I'm terrible with faces! These photos of the canal and the ducks are fab, and that piccie below of the fieldfare eating the apples - what an amazing closeup! I've just put out bread for the birds, never thought of whole apples, will do that :)

  2. yes it was me, it was good to visit the shop and see all the goodies'. this weather is good for getting out with the camera, glad you like the pictures.


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