A morning with Jasper

Jasper came into my life on Wednesday morning at about 10am while I was over at Mums in Wigan... by 1pm he had gone but it was lovely while it lasted as I fell head over heels for his dark good looks and affectionate nature!
The first thing that I noticed about him was his fetching long tail as it disappeared beneath the shed in the garden and so I went to investigate,stooping down to peer below,  I saw a little face and then heard a plaintiff cry.
 'Well then and what are you doing under here ' I said and in answer out popped a little black kitten, very upset but friendly.'
'Oh my ,I think you may be lost and probably hungry' and he followed me up to the house where he proceeded to demolish a whole packet of cat food  just to prove me right.
Having no collar on him I was then at a bit of a loss as to what to do and he was by this time sitting outside the back door wailing his little old head off to be let in.
 When I went out to take the washing to the garage for the tumble dryer, my new little buddy trotted happily at my heels and purred loudly at the strokes and cuddles I gave him. Obviously he was no real stray and someone was missing him, of that I was sure.
By this time Dad had heard him and surprised the heck out of me by saying' let him in '!
So I did and he was soon giving the house his seal of approval.
I then left him with more food and a comfy bed and went down to the local shops to see if anyone had reported a missing black cat and as luck had it there in the post office a card said, MISSING SMALL BLACK CAT, ONE WHITE WHISKER  and a telephone number to ring.
All the way home I thought please have one white whisker...please.
Result.. great  and within 10 mins or so a happy lady came to collect Jasper ,who had been missing since Sunday. He hopped straight into the cat carrier as if to say ,WHAT THE HECK TOOK YOU SO LONG!

Spring seems a little closer as we are at last seeing some nice sunshine although its still frosty and cold overnight but Ginger and the other cats have emerged from the greenhouse and are sitting  in any sunny corner they can find.
The crocus are out and the Daffodils not too far behind.


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