Mud not so Glorious mud!

Earlier in the year when we had all that ice and snow the pond liner was damaged by a man with a stick[we will leave the rest unsaid] so it meant that the fish were without a home and they had been in temporary accomodation in two small tubs in the shed ever since.
Anyway 3 weeks ago Peter and my nephew Craig spent a very busy day clearing out buckets and buckets of smelly mud and removing about a 100 frogs and set about relining it.
It proved a difficult job as Peter had on a previous effort cemented the stones on with great effect and trying to shift them was a massive job.
Anyway after some really hard work  once again the fish and frogs are happy in time for Spring!

Infact it did feel like Spring was on it's way but with all this cold and wet weather it seems to have once again gone into hiding and the fire is back on and after a visit to my favourite craft shop Craftyhearts in Preston I was inspired again ,coming back with some lovely bits and I intend to find a few hours to do some scapbooking this Easter weekend in front of that fire!A very Happy Easter to you all!


  1. Hey, hope you had a good Easter, and did you enjoy your scrapbooking? Those scrapbooking goodies look yummy, the way you've photographed them, have you made anything with the fabulous chipboard owls yet?
    I must say I'm really impressed by your photo of the frogs - never seen that many together, but most of all impressed because, if I got that close to that many frogs, I'd actually faint! I'm terrified!


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