Hello again!

 After a bit of a breather I am back! How time does fly by and the months since my last post have been busy ones.
First our holiday to the USA was a great success and we covered an astounding 1000 miles plus around Arizona and Nevada. Train rides in old wild west country , a balloon flight over the Desert and a trip to  the magnificent Grand Canyon, the crazy delights of Las vegas , we saw it all!
 On our arrival  back home we decided to pull down an old chicken shed, move a small summerhouse to make room for a large summerhouse which  I saw in a Sale.
Sounded like a good idea at the time but after all the work involved I wish I had been forcefully restrained at the point of purchase!

We have also been out and about trying to make use of the boat, the weather has been not as good as we would have liked and the canal has been a bit short on water so the mud has been churned up and keeps blocking the engine. I thought it was supposed to be relaxing!
So I will be posting some pictures in the next few posts of all these happenings and then we will have caught up and can go from there.


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