Getting to know all about you!

I have found out where the cat that Peter has called 'Snowy' has been living, in a shed in next doors garden.
 I think he may have been there a good couple of months as I now remember disturbing a cat in June when I was watering the plants when the neighbour was away.
He has now taken to turning up when its meal time with the others and he has even taken a cat treat from my hand, although still very nervous. It doesn't take them long though to 'catch on does it?
We had a nice weekend and how lovely again to enjoy some sunshine. We headed off to a new garden centre that I had found out about near Bury. It was lovely and  they have a bistro there and of course we had our lunch.!
After which we went into Bury itself and that was a revelation ,I had not expected the lovely modern clean town that we found, packed full of new shops. It really beats most places near  here face down!
Yesterday on the canal we spent a quiet couple of hours having  a coffee and snack on board, then while Peter was pottering about doing a few jobs I wandered off with the camera but it wasn't until we were chugging back home that the best photo opportunity of the day presented itself when the same dragonfly we had seen ,sitting on a piece of wood half  submerged in the water ,on the way up was also there again. Taking pictures from a moving boat is not easy but Peter was brilliant at getting as near as he could.


  1. Oh dear... looks like 4 cats is quickly becoming 5 again. Do I dare tell Mark you seem to be acquiring another cat?

    Lovely photos, I'd love to come out with you on the canal some time soon. We haven't been on the boat yet this year!


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