Snow at last.

Snow on this Beech Hedge and down the Lanes behind our village of New Longton. As someone who enjoys taking outdoor photos the pro...

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Scary Knits and Autumn Animal Antics!

The Scary trio I have made for a certain little miss!
Ollie taking to the drink!
Lets play!
My Wigan cat friend!
Phew that was close!
They say that when it's windy cats go a little bit crazy and around here this week I would have to agree. Ollie has been charging about ,dashing back and forth and generally acting silly and the other cats have been hunting out a nest of little mice and  much to their annoyance, I just managed to rescue one  from Tom and then Bebe. Infact it was probably the same mouse!
Tomorrow I am hoping to get a Halloween visit from a certain little friend who is dressing up and coming to show me her costume, so I have made some little knitted toys especially for the event and have gone a bit silly and bought some other 'things to make the house look a bit spoooooooooooooooky!
On the wildlife front I had a little squirrel in the garden eating from the bird tray but a couple of days later we unfortunately found him dead on the lawn and also a collared dove. I have no idea if it was the cats but the likelihood of them being responsible is high. If they harassed the squirrel it probably died of fright it being so small.Our garden is never boring thats for sure.
The sparrows are eating like mad and so are the starlings but  I haven't seen many blackbirds so far as there are many berries out on the trees yet for them to be bothered about the garden.
Hoping to go to Martin Mere for an hour or so tomorrrow before coming back and getting ready for spooky time.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Farewell to Snowy

Well there was a really good ending to' The Snowy Saga' as his owners were finally found and on monday Peter and I made the journey back with him to his home in Penwortham
. As soon as he was out of his carrier he found his way to a favourite spot underneath the table and started purring as loudly as can be.... Home at last!
So the summer adventure for Snowy was at an end and here life gets back to normal with old Bebe happy to see the back of the' great white beast' that took over his domain.
Our holiday is already feeling like a distant memory but we had such a good time visiting a lot of wonderful places, The Lost Gardens of Heligan being just one.It amazes me that even though you think you have seen all there is to see in a much  visited place you can always find more!
The end of  The Lizard
Bridge House Farm ,Wray
Tressillick on the Lizard
I have been enjoying watching Autumn Watch again and here in our garden there is a distinct feel of Autumn with the leaves turning and the birds feeding like mad now on the various foods left for them. This morning  I spotted Robin,Tits Sparrows ,Goldfinch and Wood pidgeon.
The other day there was a real racket going on and the feeders were covered in long tailed tits .

At the weekend we took a trip up to Wray nr Kirkby Longsdale to Bridge  House Farm tearooms and plant centre . We had read about it in the Lancashire magazine and it was a lovely find. We enjoyed a great lunch and on nice days you can sit sipping your latte overlooking the river.
On our way back stopped off at a Ashton Hall garden centre nr Lancaster where we found an apple festival going on and also a display of raptors.
In the garden I have managed to get in all of the bulbs, that I bought ,while the weather has been good and given it all a general tidy up.I also saved any plants that are tender by putting them in the greenhouse so at least now when the weather turns chilly I need not worry about them but can  enjoy being in the warm!
Besides I must start scrapbooking my America trip as the stuff has been sitting around quite long enough!

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