Scary Knits and Autumn Animal Antics!

The Scary trio I have made for a certain little miss!
Ollie taking to the drink!
Lets play!
My Wigan cat friend!
Phew that was close!
They say that when it's windy cats go a little bit crazy and around here this week I would have to agree. Ollie has been charging about ,dashing back and forth and generally acting silly and the other cats have been hunting out a nest of little mice and  much to their annoyance, I just managed to rescue one  from Tom and then Bebe. Infact it was probably the same mouse!
Tomorrow I am hoping to get a Halloween visit from a certain little friend who is dressing up and coming to show me her costume, so I have made some little knitted toys especially for the event and have gone a bit silly and bought some other 'things to make the house look a bit spoooooooooooooooky!
On the wildlife front I had a little squirrel in the garden eating from the bird tray but a couple of days later we unfortunately found him dead on the lawn and also a collared dove. I have no idea if it was the cats but the likelihood of them being responsible is high. If they harassed the squirrel it probably died of fright it being so small.Our garden is never boring thats for sure.
The sparrows are eating like mad and so are the starlings but  I haven't seen many blackbirds so far as there are many berries out on the trees yet for them to be bothered about the garden.
Hoping to go to Martin Mere for an hour or so tomorrrow before coming back and getting ready for spooky time.


  1. Those knits are gorgeous, I bet Lucy loved them. I hope you took some photos of the house decorated - I'd love to see them.

    How cute is Ollie drinking from the tap! Won't be long now before we've got our 2 new bundles of mischief. I don't think we quite know what we've let ourselves in for.



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