The Swans return.

At Martin Mere they have recreated a dwelling that would have been in the area in Saxon Times when the whole place was covered by vast meres for much of the year. It was interesting to see the way in which people made their homes and with the fire lit  you could have almost have believed you had stumbled back in time! 

The Pinkfeet geese have returned again in their hundreds to the safety of the mere and hearing them all take to the skies is something that never fails to enthrall us. At the moment there  are only 800 Whooper swans in, but all the time more are arriving with their young families having covered vast distances.
Whooper Swan family glad to be here!
Swan Flight over Mere
The Unmistakeable face of a Whooper swan.
Halloween at our house
Halloween night was a great success, the scary bits and bobs seemed to attract a lot of interest and we spent a busy few hours handing out sweets and cakes.
My little friend Lucy, her Mum and Dad and Granny Pat came over and we all had a very happy half hour eating little halloween inspired cakes that I had made, while Lucy played with her knitted scary toys.
It was one of the best Halloweens for many years.
I have another small project on the go which I am trying to get finished before this weekend as we have a Birthday party to attend so the evenings are spent clickety clacking.


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