How can I resist you!

This lovely display stand was a birthday present from my other half and it needed filling with lovely spring flowers so it was a good excuse to drive over to our favourite garden centre at the weekend and stock up... not that I needed an excuse if you know me!
They were displaying all of the beautiful spring bulbs and so many gorgeous Primulas that  I was spoilt  for choice. I just love spring flowers, they are so joyful on the eye.

Bought this lovely Frittillia
My new Vase
Every colour under the sun!
As soon as the sun shines at this time of year I love wandering around the flower borders  to see what has appeared,I found  yellow crocus, red tulips, various daffodils coming out, clumps of snowdrops and hyacinths. The robin was bathing in the bird bath , the woodpidgeon gorging on the seed, for a few minutes I could pretend all was well in the world!
I've been in Spring cleaning mode all week,washing curtains , cleaning windows and generally clearing out. It's a fault that is genetically programmed into most women I know, I personally do not know of any men with it! I mean it's not as if we haven't got enough to do!


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