Busy Blackbird!

The garden full of Spring flowers
Balloon over our back garden on Tuesday evening
' Listen , I heard mum  coming back'.
She's taking her time '
At Last ..whatcha  got Mum?
Open wide  you'll like this!
So many mouths to feed.
'Oh well they will be leaving home soon!

The weather has gone mad, it's more like June than April and its far too nice to stay indoors so the garden is having a fair bit of attention paid to it at the moment.
The Blackbird has been so busy and I have a feeling she is doing all the feeding of her young by herself as I  have seen no sign of Mr B, perhaps something has happened to him.
She seems so unafraid of me and I was amazed that she did not bother at all as I took these photos of her in the privet hedge.
I do hope they all manage to survive but with us having the cats I am always worried until they can fly !

It has been perfect Balloning weather and we often see them nearby on calm sunny evenings . I know how great it is to be up in one after our Arizona trip so felt quite envious of the people on board.


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