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My Blue Poppy
Seeds seeds and  more seeds
Radish and Turnips
Flowering cherry
Ollie chillin!
Innocent .. I am not

What a really lovely weekend we all enjoyed and we made the most of it by having a family BBQ down near the summerhouse . The garden was looking at its Springtime best and Pete's mum was throughly enjoying going into my Greenhouse to see what she could take back with her to Liverpool and her own small backyard . She loves the little splash of colour that comes alive every spring in her many pots.
I am so pleased that finally I have in my own garden, a Himalayan Blue Poppy and it seems to like where I have situated it ,under the apple tree area in semi shade.  I first saw one growing in a garden we visited in Scotland. They are getting easier to find in garden nurseries but can be a price. I just hope I  can keep it going.
My little veg plot is underway with a few lettuce radish and turnips, I am not going to grow a lot but a few salad veg will come in handy... if the slugs and snails don't get there first!
Still have so much  to prick out in the greenhouse and pot on , a nice task when the sun is shining and making the greenhouse seem quite tropical but its not like that today being cool and cloudy.
Emma's mum Shirley has opened up a shop on Folksy selling beautiful bags for  books, folders Ipads, Kindle, they are gorgeous, so if you get chance check out

Ollie has his picture on here today looking very cute... don't be fooled he's a little rascal, always up to something but all the same a loveable character.
Milo belongs to my neighbour across the road and is the friendliest little dog , very loyal to John and goes on many walks across the parks with his master.


  1. All the girls in the office are in awe of the Blue Poppy, absolutely beautiful... well done for sharing this with followers and friends xx


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