Are those Lady's Bonnets

These are the photos I tried to put up the other day but the site crashed. Sorry about that folks!
Well it has gone decidedly on the chilly and damp side this week and while the plants might love it I certainly don't.The poor old flowers are being blown all over the place and the brightness of the Tulips has given way to rather softer colours as the summer shrubs begin to flower.
Some of my favoutite flowers are Lady's Bonnets, as we called them when young children and we had many growing in our garden beside the sea at Corton. However Columbines or Aquilegias are the move approved title.
They come up year after year with no problems and then drop their seeds for free plants the next year.
The Blackbird was so pleased to have successfully raised her brood in the privet hedge that she is back on it again for second go and the Starlings nesting under the roof tiles have flown the nest too.
The Hedgehog was at the backdoor tonight waiting for his biscuits so I guess the back garden wildlife are a pretty happy bunch at the moment!

In the garden I have a nice little collection of Ladie's Bonnets shown by some of the photos here.
My favourite


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