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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Scarborough and The Grand Hotel

I love Scarborough with the wide sweeping bay, the castle set high on the cliff top looking down over the town,the little streets with interesting shops and the lights at night that give it such a lovely holiday atmosphere.
We spent a lovely weekend break at the Grand Hotel , which although not as it was in its glorious heyday at the end of the 1800's, is still a nice place to stay and soak up a little bit of that late Victorian  style.

Sun rise over the harbour
The Sun coming up over Scarborough harbour
Here Lies Ann Bronte
The Grand Hotel Reception hall
Anne Bronte's  grave is on the hillside up nr the castle, she died here in a boarding house which was sited where the Grand Hotel now sits.
She loved Scarborough , especially walking along the sands.
 I can see why she would ,after the gloom and drabness of her home town of Haworth it must have seemed like paradise to her.

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