Nella Last's last wish!

I often wonder when I am reading the wonderful  diaries of this extraordinary woman whether she got her last wish , which was that she could have her ashes sprinkled over her beloved Coniston lake.
She didn't seem to think this would happen if she died before her husband as he  would not like it, she says in her war time diary. I hope that she was granted that wish but she actually did die a year or so before him and they were no longer  in their home either as they had become unable to manage through ill health and had moved by then to a Darby and Joan home [ a care home of sorts].
Without Coniston  to soothe her in the terrible years of the war and after when there were constant shortages and the demands and ill health of her husband , she may have gone under. It was only a short car ride away  and often they would stop at her old Aunts in Spark bridge to have tea and a chat.

Coniston remains a favourite place for me as it was here that we came on our first camping trip in 1977 in the pouring rain. I was not a seasoned camper at all having only been with the Girl guides many years before and I have to say that that wet soggy weekend nearly put me off camping for life, ha  !

Spark bridge


Ilkley road  , Nellas house[ after For Sale sign]
  I found some more photos that we took when we went up to Barrow to seek out  old haunts of  Nellas and have included them in this post as I know that there are many people out there who would like to see a little of the area this special lady lived in.


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