The Green eyed cat on the green furry mat!

Just thought I would share these photos of our cat Ollie who was so so happy that I put the fire on when I got back from the shops this afternoon . It was a nice sunny morning and then suddenly all change and it went gloomy and chilly and breezy!
Still these kind of days can make you get on with some  jobs you have been putting off for a while and that's  what I did, I cleared the study!

Yesterday  while out shopping I found the cutest little Christmas decorations ,the little deer and trees you see in the pictures above . Best of all they were only 99p a packet and they are the only additions to my stock of decorations that I intend to make this year, as I have enough!
I usually love this time of year, the preparation leading up to the festivities but with mum lying so ill and increasingly frail I fear that this Christmas will see us going through the motions and thats about all .
On Tuesday night we were just about to leave to go across to visit my parents when I spotted the smallest little hedgehog at the back door looking for food. i picked him up and took him in the kitchen while I made a phone call to a hedgehog rescue centre and next thing we were on our way to drop him off. It was no good leaving him out as he was far to tiny and would not have withstood hibernation. At least he has a chance now if he does not succumb to stress.So if you see one and it's tiny grab him and contact a centre as they are in trouble and need all the help we can give them.!
In the garden amongst all the fallen leaves and debris I found a stunning patch of marigolds that I grew from seed late in the summer , a lovely splash of colour on a dreary day.


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