Halloween Fun and Otters at play

Winter visitors at Martin Mere

Well Halloween was quite a success with loads of kids big and small coming round for treats and they all looked great in some super scary costumes.
 Peter nearly frightened some poor girls to death by opening the door and roaring at the top of his voice, obviously he's definitely into Halloween!

Martin Mere otters

Knitted halloween scaries for lucy!

Halloween fun with Lucy

Lucy's doll even had her outfit especially made!
However the highlight was having my special friend little Lucy and her mum round for the afternoon and she loved all the little bits that I made for her.
The day  before halloween we visited Martin Mere nr Ormskirk  to see how many swans had flown in ready for the winter and we were greeted with a lovely sight of many swans with their young families enjoying the mere.
Also while we  were  there we were lucky enough to see the otters in their pen having a wonderful time playing and swimmiing whilst waiting for their feed time, which to our advantage was a  little off  due to the time change of an hour.

 I never tire of going to Martin Mere as they strive to keep it interesting and next year we definitely plan on going out on the Canoe safari  through  the reed beds.It has stopped now for the winter season.


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