It's Christmas time again!

Well Hello again!
As many of you know we lost mum in November and since then there have been so many things to sort out that the blog has had to take a back seat but I wanted to post these photos as they are so seasonal and will help me wish you all a Merry Christmas!
With the snow coming down this morning while I was in The V.I.P charity shop in Longton at work{ yes I have started as a volunteer there a few days a week] it all suddenly looked really festive and Christmas looked  that little bit closer!
I am really enjoying it there and meeting new people, so if you are that way pop in and see if you can bag a bargain as some really nice stuff  comes in daily!
Sonia and I had a great day out a couple of weeks back, in Lliverpool and I found the little Cath Kidston owl in John Lewis whilst there, I can hardly bear the thought of sticking pins in him as it is so cute!
On Wednesday we went to a carol concert at Haigh Hall with Sonia and Nige which was also lovely and so was the mulled wine we had!
Last friday we went to' Langs' in Much Hoole with The V.I.P crowd  and wow.... was that good .What a nice meal we had and good company. 
Sunday saw a group of the family at a chinese restaurant in Wigan for Sonias birthday, so it has been a great lead up to Christmas this year after some horrible months since February!
I hope to get in another blog before Christmas all being well.
By the way the lovely drawing done by Nigel , the artist in the family is of Tiger my cat when I was 14, but who stayed on with mum when I got married and lived to be 19! It was done after mum died but she will know wherever she now rests, Bless her


  1. Oh how cosy & festive your room looks ! LOVE the cat sketch too ... what a talent Nigel has, it really is a wonderful picture xxx


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