Snow at last.

Snow on this Beech Hedge and down the Lanes behind our village of New Longton. As someone who enjoys taking outdoor photos the pro...

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lilly Langtry

When I was on holiday in Jersey 
we had a lovely  tour around the island and one of the stops was to see the final resting place of the famous 19th century actress Lily Langtry. I have long been fascinated with her rather incredible life, she was a real beauty of her day and her name was known all over the land in the late 1880s . 
She grew up on the lovely island of Jersey and was known even at the tender age of 14 as a real beauty  .
The church in the photo is not only the church her father was the vicar at but where she chose to be taken and laid to rest when she died at her home in France. 

Anita browsing the old market place in St Helier in Jersey

All of us at the war tunnels , we had a fantastic time on Jersey it has so many beautiful 
Places to visit ,a great holiday!

Monday, 1 October 2012

 Holidays over... shame but we  had a really great time and as usual went all over the place, so I thought I'd share a few pictures taken on a visit to Lands End and Porthgarrowa.
 I went into crazy mode and had a Titanic moment on the old Lifeboat at Lands End I don't think Kate Winslet need worry  !

 Gwenap Head and a  bit of Larking around

 Behind me is Longships Lighthouse.

 Peter playing at Skipper'

 Gwenapp Head

Be back with more Holiday stuff real soon!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Gardens Galore!

  Well this post is crammed with pictures of recent trips we have been on to Gardens.
While I was with Aunt Norah on our Keswick holiday we found time to call in at Sizergh Castle garden in the Lakes.
It was really beautiful in all it's summer glory and there was an abundance of visual delights from the bright orange marigolds to sunshine yellow dasies and the humming of bees .

View across Sizergh  rock gardens

Borders at Sizergh

 These lovely horse were playing and running about in a field down at the canal when we were moored up the other day. It was such a lovely summer scene ,
Willow hares at Harlow
 Harlow Carr gardens at Harrogate was somewhere I had been wanting to  visit for some while and this time we made it
. It cost £7.50 each to get in but was definitely worth the money as there is so much to see and do.

 I was showing Peter the purple sweet peas .

The old potting shed, I would love to have transported it home!

View into one of the Garden rooms.

Pretty display in a lovely little summerhouse,perfect place to sit and read.

Fragrant Sweet pea tunnel
 Wildflowers to help out the insects!
 Norah was much in demand as a comfy resting place while  she was here.

My garden in summer
Yes Sunflowers despite our cool summer but is has been hard work to keep the slugs off!

 Poor Bebe  has lost his lap now!

So it has been a busy couple of months and we are fast approaching the mellow days of late summer. The tomatoes are coming on slowly and we have a small crop of cooking apples on the tree but no bumper crops of anything this summer!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vintage tea!

Borage flowers I grew this year from seed. so pretty and attracts the bees.
     Where are these weeks and days flying to. I can hardly keep pace !
Since I last wrote on here, we have had a small flood to deal with when that deluge of rain arrived in June. The summerhouse carpets  got wet and ruined and Peter had a lot of mess to clear in his garage .
 Certainly the pots and tubs have hardly needed much attention except to tidy them up after the battering they have had.
We managed to go out on the boat yesterday and it was a really pleasant day, the sun came out and  there was a gentle breeze as we headed up to Bilsborrow.
 On the way we spotted a Cormorant ( we think) anyway not a bird we usually see on the canal but he flew off as we came near.
We walked up to the college gardens and I went off taking pictures while Pete found a sunny spot near the lovely wildlife pond. You find lots to snap away at there and I was lucky to have found a very good Dragonfly that practically behaved perfectly for my camera.
I became fond of a lovely group of cows who were very friendly and wanted to eat my camera , I could easily have adopted the whole lot of them if I had space !
Next I stalked a butterfly that was fluttering under the woodland canopy and managed to grab a couple of shots .
I have found a lovely  Vintage shop not far from home and have been having fun spending some money there on vintage sewing bits and bobs and other lovelies.Also they serve lovely tea from pretty dainty china cups and scrumptious Carrot cake, so obviously I go whenever I can!
You have to make up for the dismal summer somehow.....It will be nice soon.. it has to be!

Canal on a sunny day
The friendly Cows!
Water lily on the pond
Look at the wings, such delicate beauty!
Dragonfly, side view.
I find time to scrapbook on the boat as we travel along!
The Cormorant?
A pretty cushion from the Vintage shop I bought.
Speckled wood butterfly
Vintage sewing goodies

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lets Celebrate!

Only the Best, Ha!
The Garden Party in Full swing
Peter doing his eyes down for Bingo!
Beautiful Alsation enjoying the agility course
At Myerscough Country Fair I found this cutie!
Me watching the Dog Show.
On the boat on way back we stopped to feed the Swan family.
Scenes like this are why we have the boat!

What a great week  we had last week and now this week seems so quiet !
The Jubilee Garden Party at our house went really well ,everyone enjoyed the many games and all the food, there really was so much but we had the best fed birds in the whole neighbourhood for a few days after with scraps.

The nice thing was there was a real feel of a happy occasion and a good mix of ages so there was lots of laughter going on and Nigel my brother in law is a born Game Show host without a doubt.  Peter was so funny with a Mike in his hand as the Bingo caller!
On Sunday we went out on the boat, which is now running smoothly again, as far up as Bilsborrow and had a great time at the college Country fair and it did'nt rain infact it was sunny!

On the way back we sat and enjoyed the beauty of an English canal on a June Day...perfect!

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