Planning for the months ahead!

Christmas sale items

New seeds
New project soon


Humpty Dumptys I made for Lucy
Well here we go another year and already we are 2 weeks in and Christmas will soon be a distant memory.
We all enjoyed the festivities and ate far too much as usual so we are back on lighter bites and I got a Yoga dvd from the Library, which w will probably be back at the' library' in record time after I get tangled up bodily!

Today we went to the Mills over near Burnley and I splashed out with my Christmas money on some clothes and books on walking, something I intend to do a lot more of this year. I also got a lovely book on Ireland, which we would love to visit in the near future.
In the summer months I rarely read much other than magazines as the garden takes up a lot of my time but in the cold winter evenings curling up with a light read is such a treat and just recently I am enjoying the books of Trisha Ashley and Katie Fforde who both have a delicious sense of humour .
I am enjoying my hours volunteering at the V.I.P charity shop in Longton and this week we are having a Sale and hoping to do well .

On the garden side of things I have just bought some new seeds ready for early seed sowing and I have some Old variety Primulas that need planting up for spring flowering so there is plenty to occupy my time and if the weather improves and dries a little I can see a few tidying jobs out there to get at....!


  1. Hi Yvonne ... LOVE your new red tops ! Red is one of my fave colours too.
    Like you so rightly said, we're already striding well into January & before we know it it'll be Spring & as much as I'm looking forward to the warmer months I do sometimes wish I could rewind the weeks because the time goes by so quickly - more so for some reason as we get older ! How I ever found the time to go to work & do everything else I really don't know !
    Hope to see you soon & we'll go & see what is on offer in that bead shop, ok ? Love Angela xxx


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