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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Day in the Garden!

I came back from a shopping trip  to spend my Birthday money with this lovely little planter which I
fell for bigtime!
I have many planters all over the garden which are sometimes a problem as when we go on holiday I have to enlist the help of someone to water them and this can sometimes take a while in hot weather.
This large pot planted up would have cost quite a lot from a garden centre but it was on offer at at half price empty and I got lots of reduced spring bulb in flower from Morrisons which are great for really good plants at good prices.In a week or two it will look really great and have early bees buzzing all over it I hope.
Then I spent more money and ordered this lovely fabric from Australia , Just could  not resist it. Now what to make with it is the question....Any ideas?

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