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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nella Last and places she knew!

Nella Last probably looked out at this view many times during her life. It is the view across to Piel Island from near Rampside, a location often referred to in her diary. Infact I think it was the place where she said that her grandmother spent a couple of months nursing a sick child.
Is this the hotel in Nella's diary where she attended a wedding?
Rampside itself is a sleepy little backwater, tucked away with a few houses and cottages on the road  from Barrow to Ulverston. The shore has silted up and a few old fishing boats are scattered here and there and when we visited in winter it had a forlorn look but then so do many such places and come summer they spring to life .

The market place in Ulverston where Nella often went with her husband for a drive to shop.
Across to Piel Island
An old shop in Ulverston that still retains the look of shops 60 years ago that Nella would have known.It is a town that has not seen many changes in the years since Nella knew it.

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