Squirrel with a taste for chocolate cake!

Black cap
Did you know that squirrels are partial to a bit of chocolate birthday cake? Well here they seem to be and he was so excited, he danced off after having a nibble then back he flew and so on and so forth.Well nuts can get  a bit boring all the time I guess.
With the weather being so cold and having gone down with some horrible chesty virus I have been hibernating away like a squirrel myself and keeping warm . This has allowed me to do a bit of craft work and catch up on a  few sewing projects,such as the cushion with the hare's face . I drew the picture and machine embroidered the face with just a little hand fill in.
It's a  gift for someone so I am quite pleased it turned out fairly nice.
I managed to get a couple of layouts done for my scrapbook, made some cards so at least  I don't feel as though I have completely wasted time.


 Just  a couple of weeks ago we called at Martin Mere and saw the swans , the other little bird  I managed to photograph is a female Black cap.
This year I think we will miss out on the snow here , it's the east coast that is feeling it ,still you never can tell as I have known it snow as late as April the 10th!


  1. Loving the craft work Yvonne - hope your feeling better soon xxxxx


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