Storrs Hall and Windermere

Thank you so much to everyone for some lovely birthday gifts, I was a very lucky lady indeed. Sonia and Nigel surprised me with a voucher to be used this summer for Afternoon tea at a lovely  hotel in Haworth and even better Sonia will be coming with me!

My Tea voucher!

The hotel at Haworth
Here I am standing in the grounds of Storrs Hall hotel at Windermere at the start of our 2 days away last weekend.
I had wondered if we would actually even get there as Peter was coughing like mad with this virus that we both got , but we did and the cough came with us!
Still we had a really lovely stay at the hotel which was very nice and and warm and cosy with beautiful meals and breakfast taken in a dining room looking out over the lake.

A view from Fell Foot park
Little snowdrops near Beatrix Potters Hilltop
Mountains with snow on the way to Hawkshead
Inside Storrs Hall
Snow and lots of it!


  1. Hi Yvonne - glad to hear you had a lovely weekend away for your birthday, shame about " The Cough " being an uninvited guest though - Awww - hope you are BOTH fit & well now.
    STUNNING photos of the scenery, the snow & mist looked bitterly cold but also very very pretty on the pictures.
    Lovely to see all your gifts & cards
    " What a lot you got " !!! :0)
    And you've still got the afternoon tea to look forward to ! LOVELY ! Best wishes .. Angela xxx xxx xxx

    1. Hey Yvon, some really picturesque shots of the Lake trip. Glad the gift went down well. We will have a fabulous day out and be very posh having our champagne afternoon tea.

  2. Hi Yvonne
    Looks like u had a fab tip - beautiful scenes like my mum says - i see my choccy box - looks like its come out well - hope you scoffed the box!! :) Hope u and Peter are feeling better xxxxxxxxx

    1. Certainly enjoyed those chocs lisa ! Yes it was a nice trip and we are both a lot better especially me, Pete getting there1


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