Llandudno weekend and Bodnant Gardens!

Rainbow after a hail shower
Me on the Pier!
  What a lovely weekend we had in Llandudno, and after a shaky start on Saturday the weather started to behave and out came the sun.
The lovely view from our room in the hotel can be seen in the rainbow photographs and just to sit and watch the ever changing light across the bay to the Little Orme is quite a treat.

  On the Sunday we went off to explore Bodnant Gardens and how stunning they were. The Magnolias were all coming into bloom and so to were fields of golden Daffodils.The Magnolia on the top of this blog was one of the most beautiful and especially so against the blue of the sky!
Hellebores at their very best
A view acoss the gardens at Bodnant
The Grand Hotel once the jewel in the crown at Llandudno in Edwardian times can be seen in the background.


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