Larking about in Liverpool

For a few short days we were lulled into thinking Spring or even a taste of summer had arrived and just like us the cats left the cosy warm greenhouse and ventured out into the garden. I couldn't resist snapping old Bebe at his laziest and take these few shots of him revelling in the lovely sun.

The work in autumn of planting up the bulbs has paid off and the whole garden burst forth in a vibrant splash of colour and kept me busy watering and tidying up and generally just enjoying all that wonderful scent and colour!

We had a stop off on the way home from our Welsh trip, in Liverpool to view the new canal link down by the Pier Head and to see what else has been going on . The changes we have witnessed in the last 30 years have been staggering but for the better as there is now so much to see and do.

So hope you all enjoyed the warmth as now it looks as though the snow will be back.. lets hope not for long. Happy Easter !

That's it a bit on my belly!


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