May in the garden.

 I like the quiet time , just after we have had tea ,cleared away and yesterday because it was so nice after a day of showers I went for a stroll around the garden to see what was new.
I thought all my tulips had finished but then up came some late ones to give a fantastic show and they are really quite  stunning with a flirty little edge to them as you can see.

The white azalea is doing well even though it has been in the same pot for a few years !

This Aquilegia is an unusal colour with the green tips  I have no idea where it came from but I do grow a lot of these from seed!

So here we have big old Bebe who is so happy that I now leave the door open to the old summer house
and he can have luxury snoozes!

The beautiful blue poppy that I had, was dug up by the cats I think  but I managed to find another and it looks as though It will flower well in a short while judging by the emerging buds.
The Lilac tree this May has been glorious, it does not seem to mind the weird weather patterns we have at all!

                           So  if we could just get some lovely warm sunny days the garden will be a lovely place to sit in although I have a whole cold frame of plants there to go into pots but it has been a bit chilly for them just yet, so plenty to do as always if you want a pretty garden.


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