Lets Celebrate!

Only the Best, Ha!
The Garden Party in Full swing
Peter doing his eyes down for Bingo!
Beautiful Alsation enjoying the agility course
At Myerscough Country Fair I found this cutie!
Me watching the Dog Show.
On the boat on way back we stopped to feed the Swan family.
Scenes like this are why we have the boat!

What a great week  we had last week and now this week seems so quiet !
The Jubilee Garden Party at our house went really well ,everyone enjoyed the many games and all the food, there really was so much but we had the best fed birds in the whole neighbourhood for a few days after with scraps.

The nice thing was there was a real feel of a happy occasion and a good mix of ages so there was lots of laughter going on and Nigel my brother in law is a born Game Show host without a doubt.  Peter was so funny with a Mike in his hand as the Bingo caller!
On Sunday we went out on the boat, which is now running smoothly again, as far up as Bilsborrow and had a great time at the college Country fair and it did'nt rain infact it was sunny!

On the way back we sat and enjoyed the beauty of an English canal on a June Day...perfect!


  1. It was wonderful being part of the jubilee party, so glad that you and peter had the idea. We will be able to look back and tell our grandchildren how we celebrated! Glad you managed to relax after the hectic festivities too, the animal photos are great.


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