Gardens Galore!

  Well this post is crammed with pictures of recent trips we have been on to Gardens.
While I was with Aunt Norah on our Keswick holiday we found time to call in at Sizergh Castle garden in the Lakes.
It was really beautiful in all it's summer glory and there was an abundance of visual delights from the bright orange marigolds to sunshine yellow dasies and the humming of bees .

View across Sizergh  rock gardens

Borders at Sizergh

 These lovely horse were playing and running about in a field down at the canal when we were moored up the other day. It was such a lovely summer scene ,
Willow hares at Harlow
 Harlow Carr gardens at Harrogate was somewhere I had been wanting to  visit for some while and this time we made it
. It cost £7.50 each to get in but was definitely worth the money as there is so much to see and do.

 I was showing Peter the purple sweet peas .

The old potting shed, I would love to have transported it home!

View into one of the Garden rooms.

Pretty display in a lovely little summerhouse,perfect place to sit and read.

Fragrant Sweet pea tunnel
 Wildflowers to help out the insects!
 Norah was much in demand as a comfy resting place while  she was here.

My garden in summer
Yes Sunflowers despite our cool summer but is has been hard work to keep the slugs off!

 Poor Bebe  has lost his lap now!

So it has been a busy couple of months and we are fast approaching the mellow days of late summer. The tomatoes are coming on slowly and we have a small crop of cooking apples on the tree but no bumper crops of anything this summer!


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