Haworth visit and New Year

 Hello everyone Happy New Year to you all.
Its been quite a while since my last post as with Christmas and Family needs I have not really got in the blogging mood.
For us the Christmas started off with a trip over to Haworth, home of the famous Bronte sisters, where each year they hold a Victorian themed event to herald in the festivities.
We found it cold and icy as they had in the previous few days had snow and the locals said the main street had been like an Ice rink.
 It certainly does not take much imagination in the winter months, to realise that life would have been hard for people living in the time of the Bronte sisters ,who were actually considered rather better off than most of their neighbours  who worked in the cotton mills from a very young age and whose life expectancy was very short as TB and thyphoid were very common.

So another year begins.So much went on last year that it flew by, what with the Jubilee and the Olympics so maybe this year will be a little slower and with what we hope will be nicer sunnier days!                    

Big Ben with 2013 Firework display

The London embankment flooded  by Fireworks lights,

Haworth Vintage shop

Horse and cart delivering a christmas tree in Haworth

Lovely window display

View from Haworth main street across to the moors


  1. Get back in the blogging mood Sis...it's good to review the good parts of the year.... x


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