Charlotte Bronte and Wycoller Hall

  I thought we would miss the snow.....and to a large extent we did but on the Monday 2 weeks ago we awoke to a lovely scene of all the trees ,bushes and lawn covered in a good few inches.

     Bebe was less enthusiastic, tiptoeing around the garden to get up for his food and then spent the rest of the time the snow lay on the ground, asleep in his warm cosy bed in the greenhouse.
A rapid thaw set in after afew days of cold temperatures
My little garden robin was kept well supplied with mealworm
 The fireplace at Wycoller Hall
 Ghostly sightings are said to be seen here!
 Most weekends we try to get out into the countryside and take a breath of fresh air and this Saturday, after lunch at Barden Mill nr Burnley, we headed to Wycoller Park.Its is somewhere we had never been to but had long promised we would go and visit
It is secluded, historic and quite beautiful, even on a February day and I can see why it attracts photographers from all over. Quaint old bridges criss cross little streams. There is a lovely site next to a well stocked duck pond for summer picnics and walks all around and then a great little teashop that does a roaring trade in Wycoller Cake,which was delicious!
The star attraction though is of course the remains of the old hall, which is reputed  to be the Ferndene Manor of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.
It was dismantled in about 1813 and the stone was used to build a mill in Trawdon and Wycoller became a forgotten place until being rescued as an area of historic interest early in the 20th century.
Charlotte lived just a few miles away, within walking distance in Haworth, so she could easily have come this way with her sisters. It is just right as it has so many features that the book includes. There was also an' Eyre' in the family that it belonged to!
We had a lovely afternoon out at Wycoller Hall nr Trawden ,Lancs

 The fireplace as it might have looked in the 17th Century!
Old cottage at historic Wycoller

As the sun settled on the ruins of 16th century Wycoller Hall
 This year we have decided  to visit as many new places in Lancashire as we this space! By the way that's not a ghost in the window ,just me!


  1. Lovely photos and updates as normal Sis. Hopefully we will be able to take some trips out this year too.


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