Dove Cottage,Spring and My Cats.

 How delicious to have a little taste of Spring this week. I couldn't wait to get out and enjoy it just as much as Ginger and Bebe did ,finding the warm sunny spots and soaking up the rays.
My enjoying it did entail grabbing the cutters and spade and doing a big garden clear up but it was great to be out and the end results were well worth it!
I even managed to get Peter to cut down some overgrown hedge to let in light again at the bottom of the garden.
I sowed some sweet peas and plan to sow a few more things this weekend, its just a shame that it is getting chilly again. Hopefully not for much longer though.
Bebe is on Prednisolone to see if he will go into a sort of remission , if it allows him a little longer of reasonable quality life to enjoy a few more sunny days as he has this week then it will have been worth it!
We bought a new camera Nikon coolpix p510, which has a great zoom and much better macro so I am hoping to have fun with  that over the coming summer. I think the picture is a lot sharper too.

Me and Ginger

Ginger squinting in the sun

Busy Peter

Bebe enjoying A taste of spring

Sunshine yellow ..makes you feel good!

Crocus about to open

Flowering in the greenhouse

Bowness in February


Porch of Dove Cottage

Garden at Dove Cottage, these were from our feb trip to Lakes

Dorothy's Garden

William Wordsworth lived here at Dove cottage

Snowcapped peaks from Lake Windermere


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