Tulips,Jewels of the Garden!

The frilly variety!
I always think of Tulips as being the CanCan girls' of the Garden and people seem to either love them or hate them for their overblown extravagances. I have to say I fall into the love them category.
It's that riot of sheer cheerful colour coming soon after the dull greyness of our long winter days that lifts my spirits to do a little dance of joy when I wander down the garden and see them.


Rich and deep two tone

Opening up to show themselves off
deep jewel crimson

Just over our house a buzzard in the thermals
sweet scented violas and Acer tree

poppies and borage growing from seed

One of my lovely Auriculas
No shortage of Bees here
Goldfinches in the Ash trees

The side of the garage done to give it a bright Spanish look
The resident song thrush singing at Dusk.

 The garden has been alive with so many birds this week, the blackbird seems to have successfully raised at least two young and they have been hopping around after dad for food. Goldfinches have been in tree tops on the emerging new leaves eating aphids and somewhere around I think we have a robins nest.
Two enormous Wood Pigeons are also here everyday so have a nest close by to, I see more here of wildlife than when I go anywhere. 
I hope that the robin has better luck this year than last, when its nestling drowned in a pot filled with water. I have been around to check there are no such pots anywhere this time as I was upset to find it last spring, especially as the mother bird came to near the back door and alarm called me....! Amazing parents are birds! As for the Song Thrush I have never heard one sing for so long,he has been singing for over 2 or 3 weeks now.
Tomorrow looks good, hope me and my camera have fun on the boat. See you soon.


  1. Lovely photos of the tulips Sis, having seen the garden in the flesh I can confirm the hard work has paid off....need to borrow you to help with my rockery planning;-)


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