Maya The lost Tortoiseshell Cat !

 We went across to Burscough today for the opening of the V.I.P Charity shop that is replacing the one at Hesketh Bank . Firstly to show our support and wish everyone well on the new venture. It was looking amazing and Sam the manageress has done a great job. People were flocking in to see what was on offer.
Secondly it also gave us chance, while we were there, to take a look at the old Wharf side area on the canal and see what has been done with the site. It was great to also find a Canal Heritage weekend going on with displays and stalls, traditional Lancashire Clog dancers and Morris Dancers. Even the the threat of heavy showers was not putting them off. We had our  lunch at a lovely little tearoom with a scrumptious cake display to tempt us.
I then found a shop selling Italian made clothes and gifts where I picked up a lovely Baby book that I can record my little Grandson George's first years in. Its beautiful inside I also spent some money on  the most wonderful smelling room fragrance.
One of the canal barges was selling wool inside so we went in and chatted and I came out with some beautiful wool, the choice was so good from inexpensive right through to hand dyed  at the top end of the scale.

 On another note this week we have been kept busy trying to trace the owner of the little cat shown here, that has been around over the last couple of months but recently started appearing here looking for food. So of course I gave her some as she was so hungry and I also contacted Cats protection and put in a Found notice in the local Shop. On Thursday I was contacted by her owner who lives on  the other side of the village. She had been missing since April. Now we have to catch her which will be easier said than done because she is nervy and timid. So watch this space!

We are still going for evening walks in the local lanes and saw a Kestrel hunting and a field with lots of Bunnies.
As I write its pouring down but in the past week it has been sunny and dull and Muggy but no rain. Next week its The Tennis so we know it will either be scorching or pouring!


  1. Have you losses a tortes she'll cat with a black bell if so it in harlow cm186rn


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