Heatwave in England!

 Phew and Phew again !
You can definitely say that in England we really don't seem to do things by halves, if it's cold it's cold and hot means hot!
Great weather for holidaymakers but when you are in the throes of house improvements with the place looking like a building site and constantly clearing up mess it's not easy!
The bedroom is well on the way to completion but the bathroom is a long way off yet and we can just about access the toilet that's it.
Maya is still here with us, her owner contacted me last Friday and asked if I could continue feeding her as the very day he was coming to try and catch her he had a nasty fall from his bike and broke his elbow, so she is still enjoying her summer vacation...and has a boyfriend Oliver the cat from up the road practically lives here now too.
Then of course there is  the tale of Lucky the baby hoglet , found by Emily, my neighbours little girl ,in my Greenhouse last Friday. He was in a very bad way ,having wandered in and I must have closed the door on him, not having seen him. His mother was probably leading them on a foraging expedition around our garden when he wandered off...there's always one'.....Anyway I gave him a sugar solution and managed to revive him, kept him over the weekend then rang  a local rescue centre who kindly  took him in. They will let me have him back for release in the garden when he can manage on his own.  There never seems to be a dull moment here.

 We did manage an afternoon on the boat last weekend, it was gorgeous and as usual loads of wildlife was around as you can see by the pictures My camera lost it's charge just moments before we spotted an owl out on a branch which was a shame, as we have never seen one before on the canal.

Young swallows

Coot and young


Lucky the hoglet
 The summers flowers have needed a lot of water but are repaying me with a fantastic show.

Ginger and Ollie are to be found in the cool of the borders during the day.
 Sonia's garden is superb this year after a lot of hard work on her part , yesterday when I went over the flowers were in full bloom, hope they last until she gets back from her hols.

  And here I am with lovely George at Haigh Hall with Sonia the other week.

Lets see what next week brings!


  1. Well as usually some brilliant photography...i do think perhaps you are missing a calling, i am sure your photos would be of value to some of the magazines but at least we get to see them on here. Thanks for taking a photo of my garden - the lily had only one bloom on when i got back so i am glad i got to see it. We also have lots of butterflies this year - thank goodness Nigels attack of my buddleia didnt do permanent damage!
    I love the alpaca photos - how cute. Hopefully your house will soon be finished and you can enjoy both the house and the garden while we are still in the throes of a beautiful english summer.


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