Ullswater, Keswick in The Autumn

 Autumn seems to be approaching at some pace now and while I was out in the garden doing a bit of tidying up Ollie followed me around hoping for a chance of playing ball. You would think he was a kitten sometimes instead of at least 10 years old.

 It was lovely to see the last of the butterflies on the sedum ,it has been a very good year for spotting them but I have  not seen that many Red Admirals  and I can remember a time when the sedum was covered in them.

 On our trip up to The Lakes we had a lovely afternoon sail out on Ullswater. We boarded at Pooley Bridge and the trip lasted 2 hours as we stayed on for the complete round trip. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon and the views were quite spectacular.

 This boat was first commissioned  for use in Dartmouth just after WW2 but was restored and put into use on Ullswater in 2007.

Out on Ullswater

A Misty morning  down At Derwentwater

Me on the jetty at Derwentwater

Hope Park looking up to misty mountains

Hope Park

The boat house on Derwentwater

Trees turning to red and gold in Hope Park

Looking up river at Keswick

 I had quite a nice time watching the Dipper  in the river foraging under the stones, he was there last year to.
The resident Dipper on the river

 The walk along the riverside through Fitz Park is lovely at this time of year with the leaves on the ground and the sunshine filtering through the different trees.

Hard to believe this river can be a raging torrent in times of flood
                   It is just a lovely place to be and I certainly look forward to another visit !


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