Daphne Du Maurier at Fowey.

 It never ceases to amaze me that after all the years we have been visiting Martin Mere RSPB reserve ,there is always something with the WOW factor and this week it was this fantastic Crested Crane.
Over the summer months a lot of work has gone into providing a very visitor friendly viewing enclosure so they can be seen easily and I was able to take these great shots
The Flamingos were also looking wonderful and had walked over the pond and were feeding on the main pathway so again It was a great camera opportunity.

A pretty white backed duck

 One of the loveliest places we like to visit when we go to Cornwall is Fowey.  Looking over the water you can spot a rather old house with a boat loft and it was here that the author Daphne Du Maurier put pen to paper and wrote her first real novel and best seller in the 1930s, The Loving Spirit. She loved it here with a passion and infact  came back to live close by until she died.
She was well known in the little town and loved the local coves and estuary so much. Many days were spent exploring on her boat and the idea for other books came to her from the things she saw and found.
I believe that Ferryside is once again in family ownership of The Du Mauriers.

 Across the water looking at Ferryside

 Old shop in Fowey

We visited Boscastle when we were in Cornwall so that we could see how they have rebuilt after the terrible flood of a few years ago, when so much of the little historic village was swept away. 

  They rebuilt this little place and it looks almost as it did pre flood.

 a calm harbour now instead of the raging torrent of 2004!


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