Bonfires and Short Winter Days

 Short Days mean that if you want to get anything done you need to get at it in the earlier part of the day, as once any winter sun goes in after 2pm then it gets chilly pretty quickly.
   So last week just before the big Storm, that did so much damage over the East coast came in, I tackled the mountain of leaves that covered our garden. It was an afternoons work a bit of much need ed exercise and I soon had things looking much better.
We seem to be having some really mild weather but surely it can't last and we have ventured out and about,down to check on the boat and up to Myerscough College a couple or so weeks back. Everything looks so different at this time of year with all the vegetation dying down.
We stopped  there to look at the sheep and we were taken aback by the whole field which was  covered in a mass of webs that were showing up so clearly with the sun shining on the dew on the grass.
So two weeks to go, presents bought, wrapped and before we know it will be here.

The pond in winter

The swan family at the boat hoping for crumbs

A sharp frost on the shrubs, not been many frosts though.

spot the Kestrel
webs cover the grass

A garden full of leaves

Ollie helping or ready to dive in

A job that needs to be done

All my bulbs just emerging in the cold frame


  1. ha you might not if it was you wrapping all the gifts and shopping for them but yes it is one of the nice things here ,the seasons!


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