Snow at last.

Snow on this Beech Hedge and down the Lanes behind our village of New Longton. As someone who enjoys taking outdoor photos the pro...

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Donald Campbell and Blue Bird!

The Steam Gondola on Coniston Lake

The lovely new Bluebird cafe at Coniston 

Me with a memorial to Donald

Bronze statue of Donald at the Ruskin Museum in Coniston

The boat that Donald hoped to develop but died before he could do so

A small part of the damaged Bluebird that was recovered from Lake Coniston

They hope to one day display the rebuilt Bluebird here

By the river in Coniston

Me at the Memorial to Donald and the Bluebird Team
After reading Tonia Bern Campbell's  book about the fascinating but turbulent marriage she had to Donald Campbell ,the  Speed King of the 50s and 60s I became very keen to find out more and so dragged Peter off to Coniston .
This of Course is where he died in an attempt to take the water speed record to over the magic 300mph back in 1967 with terrible consequences.The famous Bluebird took off and flipped up and over and sank to the bottom of Coniston.
No Trace was found of Donald and he lay on the bottom of the lake until, finally, he and the remains of the boat were lifted from the deep and murky waters in 2001.
 He is buried in Coniston cemetery.
But it was the story behind the man that really fascinated me and I can only say he was one of lifes risk taking adventurers and I am sure a man who was always looking for that elusive something!
In the 1960s anything to do with Donald made headlines, he was a big star of the day but just like the press do with Richard Branson today they were quick to criticise and mock his attempts. However like his famous father Sir Malcolm Campbell  before ,him he tried to give Great Britain something to be proud off.
It makes for a great , if not poignant, day out as there are many places to visit associated with the Bluebird and you can always end up in the Sun Hotel or the Black Bull pub to warm up, both places were where Donald and the team spent many hours in!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Wildlife in the Lanes

 Coming back from doing the shopping yesterday, I took the route on my bike that bypasses the busy roads and instead used the green lanes the wind around the back of New Longton.
 I was hoping to see wildlife as I had taken my camera and I was not disappointed.
First there were a pair of Buzzards criss-crossing the fields in search of a snack,then a kestrel made an appearance hovering after some prey.
The berries were showing in abundance so there is a good crop for the birds to feed up on before winter.
I spotted a couple of rabbits but they both looked unwell and I fear they have that horrible disease Myxomatosis .The countryside may look lovely but its not all good out there!
Back home the warm sunshine also saw butterflies visiting the garden and settling on the ripe apples.
The flowers are going over but I spotted these pretty violas looking lovely.
The Peacock was from Ruthin Castle grounds where the roam in beautiful seclusion and can be seen putting on a lovely display .

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Roaming around Ruthin!

At Llyn Brenig
 Well it has been a while since I have been on to upload anything to the blog so to make up for it this time its picture loaded!
A couple of weeks ago Sonia joined me at the caravan after Peter left to go back to work and we had a great couple of days exploring the local area.
Our first drive out took us up across the local moors to a Nature Reserve and reservoir where you can go on great walking trails or mountain bike to your hearts content. Unluckily for us though the rain set in and we would have only got soaked so after a nice little lunch in the cosy café overlooking the lake we took a few pictures and decided to head back to Ruthin where we hoped it would be a little drier.


Sonia outside the Old Court House looking for the Hang mans Gibbet!
 Back in Ruthin we found a very old town house that has been restored and is open to the public as are the gardens hidden away at the back. We went to have a look at them at what a hidden gem of a find it was . So peaceful with lovely views of the countryside around. On a wet day we plan to go back and look over the house.

 Views from the old garden

 Pears growing up the garden walls

 Sniffing the flowers

 Bees enjoying the thistles

 This building is on of the oldest in Ruthin with parts dating from Elizabethan times.

 Sonia being chased  by a Hungry Peacock!
me getting damp at Llyn Brenig
igel had had a Spa day when they were on holiday in July up at Ruthin Castle, so she decided to show me over the grounds and we were met by a very hungry Peacock. Sonia quickly dished up a tasty treat of a biscuit she found in her pocket to give him!

 In the grounds we found a few more and one female had a tiny baby .

 Parts of the castle are very old but most of the present day building was built as a family home in the early 1800s and is now a hotel .
We went in and saw the room that housed these stained glass windows.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Shabby Chic Garden bits and Bobs!

  •  We have had some lovely Spring days recently and
    I have made the most of them a got on with jobs that needed doing in the garden. The area around the Summer house needed brightening up so I gathered together lots of pretty containers and planted them up and grouped them on the veranda of the summerhouse and the results were really cheerful.

 I had a lot of fun turning this old Garden Sieve into an unusual plant display. I spray painted it, wound garden twine round it and added sticks for effect and then added spring flowers, pretty good for something that had lain around the garden unused for years.

 This old chair got a makeover too with some spray paint and gold brushed in to give it a distressed shabby chic look, then I ran up a small cushion.

 lovely little owl pot I found!

 Tulips my favourite flowers

 Apple blossom looks good this year

 Pot Marigolds in full flower

 Lettuce seedlings growing

 A nice Spring display!

 Dainty yellow tulip

 This deep purple is gorgeous

 a two tone tulip very eye catching!

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