Wildlife in the Lanes

 Coming back from doing the shopping yesterday, I took the route on my bike that bypasses the busy roads and instead used the green lanes the wind around the back of New Longton.
 I was hoping to see wildlife as I had taken my camera and I was not disappointed.
First there were a pair of Buzzards criss-crossing the fields in search of a snack,then a kestrel made an appearance hovering after some prey.
The berries were showing in abundance so there is a good crop for the birds to feed up on before winter.
I spotted a couple of rabbits but they both looked unwell and I fear they have that horrible disease Myxomatosis .The countryside may look lovely but its not all good out there!
Back home the warm sunshine also saw butterflies visiting the garden and settling on the ripe apples.
The flowers are going over but I spotted these pretty violas looking lovely.
The Peacock was from Ruthin Castle grounds where the roam in beautiful seclusion and can be seen putting on a lovely display .


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