Snow at last.

Snow on this Beech Hedge and down the Lanes behind our village of New Longton. As someone who enjoys taking outdoor photos the pro...

Thursday, 21 January 2016

A New Year...A new start
Lets forget last year ...horrible but bearable with the help of my special friends and my sister and her lovely family. So onwards and upwards as they say !
Kitty the lovely little Tabby cat that turned up in the garden Nov 2014 is a firm member of the family much to Ollie's disgust but our delight. She is so soft and loving and is my companion in the study as I write this .

So we have lots of plans in store this year ,changes being made and places to go and also to  just go with flow, as last year showed us that you haven't got a hell of a clue what's waiting round the corner! Certainly showed me that !

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