Getting Out whatever the weather!

Well you certainly can't wait around for good weather in this part of the country and we try and get out and about as much as possible.
At any rate even if it rains we are under cover on the boat ,as were all the people on the day trip boats on the canal on Sunday.
We spotted not one but two Kingfishers, together  and an array of other wildlife all doing what they do best in the summer months.
The tomatoes in the greenhouse are huge fat ones this year and have only just this week begun to turn red, through lack of sunshine and my crop of Sunflowers are suffering this too.
The new summerhouse came into its own last weekend when despite the rain we were able to enjoy a lovely tasty bbq out there with Ginger and Tom sitting with us waiting for bits of chicken and the remains of our Raspberry  cream desserts!
On a more serious front I have joined the National Osteoporosis Society, as  mum, once again, has broken ribs after a fall . This is cruel and horrible illness that robs people of their freedom and leaves them enduring a lot of pain.


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