Where have you come from?

This is the question  that has kept us busy this week. We noticed the cat a few days ago sneaking into the garden to clear anything left on' our lots plates'. He was so nervous and would not go for the food until  I retreated .
 He ate like he had not seen a meal for a long long time! Then he missed a day andI  thought he had gone but since then he appears every teatime ,eats and then goes off through the hedge.
If he keeps coming and gets a little less nervous we will try and arrange a trap and see if we can get him to a vet for a tag check and a look over, at the moment his long coat is a state.
I am trying to keep Ollie from seeing him too much , the others seem just to stare at the interloper!
Found a little time to do a bit more scrap booking using some of the lovely papers from Crafty hearts . I am so sad that that lovely little shop will be closing but I wish everyone there well in the future.
Bebe as you can see in the top photo is just as soppy as ever ,wishing there was a bit more sun around as we all do!


  1. What lovely pages Yvonne. I really like the one of Ollie in front of the fire.

    Wow, you really do attract stray animals don't you!!! And I can understand why you want to keep Ollie away, he wouldn't be impressed at all. I hope you do manage to figure out where he's come from.

    And Bebe looks lovely as always... I'm stilling trying to convince Mark that he should come and live with us. Less hassle for you with Ollie & Bebe would love to be a one cat household. Don't know how Bebe would cope with the move though sadly.

    Hopefully will see you soon.



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